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Support This Site

I strongly believe that all information and art not only should but wants to be free; that is why I make much of the contents of this website available under a Creative Commons license. I also believe equally strongly that scrolling advertisement does nothing to improve anyone's browsing experience. The catch, of course, is that such beliefs do not help one derive a great deal of income from one's writing. Both my wife and I are creative, artistic people juggling to share our time between contributing creatively and meaningfullyto the world, making some kind of income, and spending some time with our growing children who are always eager for attention. Our wants are not great, but they are there nevertheless.

If you find some of the material on this website useful and interesting, here are some ways in which you can help me continue adding more:

Tell people about it

Perhaps the easiest way to help out for anyone and the most beneficial to me and this website is to spread the word. Follow me on Twitter and retweet links to articles you found interesting, or use the button at the bottom of most pages to share them on a variety of social media. If you aren't the social media type, you can always put a link on your own website or even just tell your friends about it loud and clear! :-)

Hire me

Aside from writing for this, my personal website, I also write articles, blog posts and general content for pay, and can be hired.

If you have a bit of spare money and you feel this website is worth supporting, you can always donate via PayPal (smassy at wolfdream dot ca). In fact, if there is an article or series of articles you feel would come withing the scope of the topics covered on this website, you could always suggest it and contribute financially towards researching and writing it: contact me if you might be interested in such a thing.

Send kind words

If you have no friends, no time, and no money, but still like some of the articles you read here, never fear, even your verbal support is welcome. Please contact me!