Demystifying Android        

Demystifying Android

The Demysiyfying Android series aim to provide audio demonstrations covering simple aspects of accessibility on that platform which are often not well known or understood. They are inspired by what seems to be the most recurring topics or questions on the Eyes-Free group. If you would like a specific topic to be covered, feel free to mention it on the list or to tell me directly via one of the means provided in the side bar.

Demos so far

  1. Demystifying Granularity: Granularity and text review.
  2. Demystifying TalkBack Menus: A 40-minute long demonstration covering every single aspect of the TalkBack Global and Context menus as of TalkBack 3.4.
  3. Demystifying Copy and Paste: How to copy text to and paste it from the clipboard.
  4. Demystifying Accessibility Settings: This demo reviews settings found under Accessibility and TalkBack Settings and explain their meaning.
  5. Demystifying App Management: This demo aims to familiarise users with on-device app management. Finding, buying, installing, uninstalling are some of the topiccs covered here.