About Me        

About Me

Hello and welcome to WolfDream.ca; my name is Sebastien Massy and this section will hopefully tell you a little more about the author behind the various material found on this site.

I was born in Montreal, Canada in the early 1980s and grew up speaking French in a fairly cosmopolitan neighbourhood. I became blind at the age of two years old following a cancer which necessitated the removal of both my eyes, and this fact naturally had a significant impact on my experiences both in childhood and later years. From a very young age, I was fascinated by stories, music and all things electronic; these interests, in one form or another, have remained at the core of my personality.

At the age of eighteen, after rather ingloriously dropping out of college due to a lack of interest in "baked" education, I made the rather startling discovery that I could communicate far better and more comfortably in English than in my mother tongue. As a matter of fact, I discovered that, in English at least, I could not only write much better, but actually derived pleasure from the process. This discovery profoundly changed me in more ways than I can ever tell, and I devoted the several following years to a rather monastic life of poetry writing and self-introspection.

When I finally had enough of the monkish life, I resolved to return to college and elected to do so in the Languages And Literature programme at Vanier College in Montreal, where I had an absolutely grand time learning German and Russian as well as other subjects besides. In 2005, my girlfriend and I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I attended Dalhousie University, majoring in the Russian Studies programme. Halifax was also where I became a father, an experience which leaves no-one quite the same as they were before. In early 2008, still dazed by the unexpected news that a second child was on the way, my wife and I learned that our daughter had developed the same cancer which claimed my sight; we then made the decision to return to Montreal to be closer to family, which we did in May 2008.

My son was also diagnosed with cancer shortly after his birth, and the ensuing four years have each been fraught with medical concerns of all kinds. In late 2012, with my daughter deemed stable for four years now and the future looking a little brighter for my son at last, we are hard at work, trying to piece the train of our life back together and get it back on some sort of track. It is as a part of this general effort that I am working on this website, hoping to share some useful thoughts with the world whilst showcasing my writing and hence hopefully helping me find much needed work.

If you really want to know any more, you can read about my interests here.